Dammit Grace, don't fidget.

10% fleshy matter, 90% bullshit.

Tumble dry low.






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Where the hell are the Victorian Goths they should be all over this.


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Kind of want to study at McGill university for my MA???? Or maybe University of BC???

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if “barnacles” is a curse word in Spongebob, then how do you explain Barnacle Boy’s name

He’s a fuck boy


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When a financial institution asks me my “mother’s maiden name” as a security question. Because it’s assumed that I have at least one and no more than one mother in my life AND that she married AND that she gave up her own name AND that that part of her identity was erased enough from my public history so as to be a password to access my private information.

Holy crap, I never realized.

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The Forest Spirit, god of life and death

The Forest Spirit, god of life and death


On my tombstone, Stevie Wilson a vain neurotic artist. Be confident ladies, and be kind to each other

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Zoella’s hair 


Zoella’s hair 


Dress by www.chotronette.com


Dress by www.chotronette.com





I wanna live like this llama

Please unmute this. 

*trying to stifle laughter as everyone sleeps*

i’m seriously dizzy from laughing 

I don’t want to talk about this

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What if you created a retirement home in coordination with an animal shelter so that they were built as parts of the same compound? The older folks who wanted to help out would be given something meaningful to do with their time by volunteering with rescue animals, and the animals would benefit from having a ton of pro-bono, regular volunteers who gave them lots of love and attention. And the animals could be used as therapy for older folks who were lonely or sick, and the money coming in from the retirement home could help offset the cost of taking care of the animals, especially old animals who aren’t likely to be adopted (most people don’t want them because they have less energy, but I’m sure retirees wouldn’t mind calm companions.) It would make both pet shelters and nursing homes less depressing. Plus, who wouldn’t want to visit their grandma if it meant they also got to hang out with a bunch of dogs.

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"Before she was signed, she auditioned for an all-male reggae boyband. In one of her first videos, she grew muppet legs and declared “we are the spoons”. Another single, Obsessions, described her crippling indecision in the local supermarket’s biscuit aisle. Imagine Beyonce singing that. You can’t. She’d just buy all the biscuits, smash them to bits, bake them into a cheesecake and ice an empowering feminist message on top. Which is impressive, obviously, but not very relatable.        

Marina’s songs are irreverent, playful, occasionally juvenile and always unpredictable, especially in the light of her newest song, Froot. Released today in celebration of her 29th birthday.”

Welcome back, Marina. Pop was duller without you. 

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was scrolling through the CU Boulder tag and found two people who live in my building; one was actually one of my resident’s fitness blog..

also, erin, your sorority chapter now runs a tumblr??

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I just want to see northern lights.

This is all i care about

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Why do men play with your clit like they’re trying to rub a stain off of a shirt?

praying for straight girls

It’s hard out here man

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so tonight I am going to bed at 1:30 am and that means I will have had about five hours and forty-five minutes between the time that I walked in the door after class to when I had to go to bed (and I am going to bed pretty late.) About six hours to eat, shower, do all my homework (which was at least three hours worth, a pretty light night) and go to sleep. Let alone have any free time.

like so profs who think it’s okay to assign two full hours of homework for every credit hour of class are dicks. i had five hours of class today. i do not have time for ten hours of homework.

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